Research without Regurgitation

Brain with lightning
By Allan Ajifo [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Want to move from the traditional research project to a more engaging process that requires students to use the information they find? When students use facts to do something instead of just repeating them, it increases retention of the information because they don’t just “spit it back”, but have to engage with the information many times to use it. A side effect can also be an increase in motivation and engagement.

Below, you will find the PowerPoint for the session, materials for the “Death of the Iceman project”, and all the materials for the Animal and Country research project (including tech tips for Excel and PowerPoint).

The PowerPoint includes:

  • How do you generate good questions?
  • What about plagiarism?
  • Look at the purpose of what you’re doing!
  • Ideas for small (short-term) or large (long-term) research projects
  • Resources to use to help create effective projects
  • Some of the projects and ideas that I use in my teaching

Death of the Iceman project:

Animal and Country Project

Technology Instructions: