Otzi (or Oetzi) the Iceman

Archaeological Museum of South Tyrol – Photographs and information from the museum where Otzi currently is held – including many photographs of the original items.

Unfrozen – National Geographic article going behind the scenes of the autopsy of Otzi the Iceman.

Iceman Bled Out From Arrow Wound, X-Ray Scan Reveals – National Geographic article describing the results of the X-ray that determined the cause of death.

Iceman Photo Scan – Full photography of the Iceman mummy, including zoom functions.

Otzi / Oetzi – The Iceman of the Alps – Pictures of the Iceman with information about him accompanying all images.

Otzi the Iceman – Pictures and an analysis of the Iceman found in the Italian Alps.

Otzi the Iceman – A collection of information, links, pictures, and resources related to the death of the Iceman.

Otzi the Iceman (National Geographic) – A variety of links to information about Otzi, the Iceman, compiled by National Geographic.

Otzi the Iceman: What we know 30 years after his discovery – An article from National Geographic (September 2021) – “Considered “Europe’s most famous mummy,” the remains of the man who was murdered in the Alps 5,000 years ago continue to reveal details of Neolithic life—and insights into modern health.”

Scientists reconstruct Otzi the Iceman’s frantic final climb – An article from National Geographic in October 2019 describing how researchers are traced his unusual movements right before his murder.