Library-related Information

On this page, you will find…

  • Book Awards
  • Out of Print / Used Book sources
  • Cataloging and Weeding Resources
  • Other Resources

For information on Library advocacy and research studies, go to the Library Advocacy Information page.

Book Awards:

Edmonds Windows and Mirrors award – The award title refers to the idea that students develop self-worth when they find elements of their own identity mirrored in the books they read and build empathy when they find windows into the identities and experiences of others. For more on this, see the FAQ section of the website.

O.T.T.E.R. (Our Time To Enjoy Reading) Award – Information and nominees for the OTTER Reading Award.

Sasquatch Reading Award – Information and nominees for the Sasquatch Reading Award.

Towner Award – Information and nominees for the Towner Award for nonfiction books.

WA Children’s Choice Picture Book Award – Information and nominees for the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award.

YRCA Home Page – Information and nominees for the Young Reader’s Choice Award.

Out of Print / Used Book sources:

Alibris Library Site – Out of print/used book source. Books – Part of eBay – can sometimes get new books here – also, an out of print/used book source.

Cataloging Resources:

ISBN Converter – allows for conversion of ISBNs for use in cataloging.

Library of Congress – Online database of the Library of Congress – downloadable MARC records…

SUNLINK Weed of the Month Club – Information on what sections to consider weeding – and why certain things should be weeded out.

Other Information:

Costume Specialists – Costumes are provided free of charge by the publishers for promotional use only at schools, libraries and bookstores. The only cost to you is second-day air shipping arranged by Costume Specialists to send the costume to its next event. To schedule a costume, simply call us with an idea of what characters you prefer on specific dates. Typical bookings are Thursday through Monday. Longer reservations can be arranged for multiple locations and special events when requested. Some costumes are booked more than a year in advance so book early.

Get Caught Reading – Website for the “Get Caught Reading” promotion.

How to Declare Library Lovers’ Month – Ways that parents/community members can support the Library.

Jan Brett Library Signs – Library directional signs illustrated by Jan Brett.

Overdue Media, home of Unshelved – a comic strip about a library – Online daily cartoon about libraries. (blocked in Puyallup SD – can bypass)

RCW – Revised Code of Washington – Link to the RCW’s of Washington.

Resources This Librarian Likes : Resources students and teachers can trust – This resource – compiled by Judy Pitchford, from the Washington State Library – shares many resources she thinks will be useful to you and your students.

School Library Journal Online – Online resources from the School Library Journal magazine.

Upstart – Various themed resources for classrooms AND libraries!

WAC – Washington Administrative Code – Link to the WACs of Washington.

Why Schools Need Teacher Librarians – Great resources (including our own Washington state librarians’ contribution) listed here. A great toolbox for your local and building efforts.