Library Lesson Resources

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General resource sites:

Elementary Library Media Lessons – K-5 scope and sequence for library lessons.

Library Songs – 7 songs related to Library concepts.

Resources for Librarians – A Directory of Lesson Plan Sites for Information Skills Instruction. Topics include:

Animated tour of the Dewey Decimal System – Animated way for students to learn about the Dewey Decimal System.

Dr. Seuss Challenge – Educator materials and activities for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday celebrations!

Happy Birthday, Noah Webster! – Activities, games, and dictionary activities related to the “father of the dictionary”.

Lightning Librarian game – Help Lydia the Librarian quickly find books for the kids. The kids’ word bubbles tell you which books they want. But the books aren’t labeled, so you need to memorize the location of each book! Bring the books to the kids before they get upset and leave. Drop any unwanted books into the Return slot.

Shelve-It – a game of putting books in spine-label order (either Fiction or Dewey – you choose).


Big6 By The Month – The Big6 is an information skills instruction method that is defined, predictable, measured, and reported. It is designed to help users become effective users and producers of ideas and information. It was designed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz. Big6 by the month is designed so that each month, there is a school-wide information literacy learning and instructional focus (e.g., October is Task Definition month; November is Information Seeking Strategies and Location & Access; in December, we revisit and review; etc.). The emphasized skill (and specific grade level learning objectives) of the month are always presented in the context of the overall Big6 process, but we target specific lessons and activities (and assessments) to the skill and learning objectives of the month. This approach is not meant to constrict or constrain. You can still do a lesson or activity on a different Big6 skill in a given month. But it does mean that the monthly emphasis is on the main skill designated for that month (within the context of an assignment or curriculum topic).

Big6: An Information Problem-Solving Process – Home page of the Big6 research model – including transparencies, raps, etc.

Big6 Matrix: Use the Internet with Big6 Skills to Achieve Standards – Connecting Big6, AASL, and NETS standards with Internet research.

Big6 Overview – Activities and information about using the Big6 – piece by piece.

Big6 Rap – Students rap about the importance and the steps in the Big6.

Use the Big6 to Achieve Standards – Information and resources compiled by Janet Murray on how to use the Big6 and how it connects to the AASL and ICT Literacy standards.

Information Literacy:

eLibrary and ProQuest – Online database that has information from online magazines, newspapers, interviews, websites, books, etc.  (See Librarian for username and password). 

Neverending Search – Information and WebQuests about searching strategies, including one called “SearchQuest”. 

OttoBib – FREE automatic easy bibliography generator that formats into MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian styles.