Note: Website Evaluation resources are found on a separate page…

AnyMeeting – Free web-based meetings (does have ads, though)

Bridge URL – Make a list of web links – it creates one page with a short URL to get the list from.

Safe Share – Share Vimeo and YouTube videos “safely and without distractions” (from the website). – This site allows you to save YouTube videos to your computer, flash drive, or other location. – where tiny is better! – Make long URLs tiny and unbreakable in emails.

TodaysMeet – Online “room” for people to talk in while a class/meeting is going

View Pure – Allows you to play YouTube videos with no ads and commercials.

BibMe – Online citation maker – search for a particular book and it will cite it for you (i.e. textbook, fiction book).

Community Learning Network – Links to a myriad of resources to help teachers integrate technology into the classroom.

Doctopus for Managing Google Documents – Doctopus is a Google Spreadsheet script developed by Andrew Stillman that can help teachers manage the flow of shared work in in their Google Drive accounts. The basic concept behind the script is to enable teachers to quickly share documents with all of the students on a roster, monitor usage of shared documents, and give students feedback within that roster spreadsheet.

Free Technology for Teachers – This website talks about a variety of free technology tools for teachers and educational-purposes.

Fruit Machine – Random name/keyword picker, including vocabulary, sight words, students’ names.

HippoCampus – Media resources from Kindergarten through college.

IFakeText – Set up a conversation, looks like chat on a Smartphone. Could use it for: Vocabulary, Language Arts – Voice, Jokes / Riddles, Poetry, Conversation between two characters.

Intel Education: The Journey Inside – Explains the computer, what it looks like inside, and how it works.

JamStudio – Create your own music by adding chords (i.e. C, Am, F, C); Make a song in the style of your favorite Artist; take the lyrics…To get free access and save your mp3’s – click “In the Classroom” and fill out a simple grant (name, address, etc.). Can save as a QR code (by using a QR code generator).

LifeHacker – Tools to make your life better.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – Online math manipulatives. Use the grid to filter the results.

NCCE – Northwest Council for Computers in Education home page.

NeoK12 – Trolls YouTube, etc. for education-related videos.

Newseum: Today’s Front Pages – Headlines from newspapers all over the country – only the front page.

OneWord – “One word – one minute” writing activity…A word displays on the screen and students have one minute to write about it.

Online Stopwatch – Digital stopwatches – NOTE: Some stopwatches aren’t appropriate for school.

Paper Rater – Simpler version of “Turn It In”. Looks to see “is the paper worth anything” and gives it an approximate score/grade. Also has “originality detection” – did they copy it from another source.

Patrick Crispen’s PowerPoint Files: – PowerPoint presentations designed and presented by Patrick Crispen.

Recipes4Success – Lesson Plans – Welcome to the Recipes4Success Lesson Library. Here you will find exciting, standards-based lessons for Tech4Learning products. Each lesson includes step-by-step directions for both teachers and students, as well as links to high-quality examples, templates, and support resources.

RecordMP3 – Online voice recorder.

Remind 101 – Free site – sends text messages to students and parents. Creates a special number that students text to for access.

SMART Lessons – Various activities and lessons, sorted by curriculum area (and including grade level and target area info).

Tagul – Similar to Wordle, but gives more shape options. Does NOT require Java. Can upload a photograph, and it will arrange the word cloud like the face of the person in the photo.

Tammy Worcester – Go to “Training Tools and Handouts” for resources from this session and her others… 

Teaching Kids About Cyberethics – A unit related to cyberethics online.

Tech4Learning – Training Tools for Pixie – You’ve watched the intro video, have Pixie installed on your computer, and are ready to strike out on your own. Use the resources below to get an overview of what you can do with this exciting creativity tool, find answers to specific questions, and learn how to customize Pixie for universal access and whiteboards.

Truth Or Fiction – Use this site to check out email rumors and forwards to see if they are true. 

VoiceThread – Audio responses to topics.

Voki – Create an online avatar that can speak for you! Can use with students to have them share information without having to say it themselves! – Puts links, files, pictures, etc. in one place, like a digital “locker”.

WeVideo – High-end video editing “in the cloud”