Living History Presenters

Karen Haas – A Living History presenter, reenactor, and storyteller, Karen enjoys both telling in modern times and bringing the past to life with living history presentations.  Her effervescent style engages emotions, from the sublime to the ridiculous, in audiences both young and old.  She has presented in a wide range of places: libraries, bookstores, schools, senior centers, churches, Pig War re-enactments, Medieval wedding receptions, and ghostly bonfires.

Check out her website for descriptions of her programs, as well as information on how to contact her.

Kevin Wood – Kevin Wood, currently of Oak Park, Illinois (Chicago area), portrays President Abraham Lincoln, one of our nation’s most beloved and esteemed historical figures. 

Laura F. Keyes – Laura shares stories and voices from history. This is Historic Voices. Historic Portrayals and Illustrated Lectures are available year-round. She presents several historical characters, so check out her website for the people she portrays.