This page includes information on the following people (in alphabetical order by last name). If their name is hyperlinked, their information is on a separate page. Click on the link to be taken to the information for that person:

American Indians – Several individuals who made a significant difference to others.

Early American Leaders – Students examine the qualities of early American leaders and determine what qualities constitute a good leader.

Famous People – Biographies and links to information on famous people.

From Revolution to Reconstruction: Biographies – Very detailed biographies with dates the person lived.

Not For Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony – The story of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s work on behalf of women’s suffrage and rights in general. Includes biographies, critical essays, writings and speeches, and lesson plans.

Hispanic American Heroes – Several individuals from the “Hispanic American Hall of Fame”, who made a difference to others.

MAKERS – This is website produced jointly by PBS and AOL to introduce women who have changed the world by being groundbreakers in the areas of the arts, science & technology, sports, business, organization, politics and education.  Through short, very well-done videos, makers provides opportunities for students and adults alike to listen to these amazing women’s autobiographies, as well as additional “Makers Moments” where they discuss their unique experiences on topics such as their first job, family of origin, current family, how they faced particular challenges and adversities, others who play a positive role in their lives, career visions and accomplishments.  It’s a very powerful opportunity to be able to see them and hear them tell their own stories.  These are a balanced variety of extraordinary women including CEOs, architects, firefighters, authors, entrepreneurs, community developers, editors, activists, painters, athletes and more.  

MY HERO Project – Information and resources on various human, civil rights, and other “heroes”.  

Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman):

Apple Journal — Washington Orchards – History of apples and apple production in Washington State.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Appleseed! – Johnny Appleseed and apple-related activities.

Washington Apple Commission – Apple varieties, history of the association, health and nutrition information, facts, kids’ section, recipes, grower profiles, map of growing regions, and more.

Ray Charles:

Ray Charles – Biography – This written biography and video about Ray Charles is a great introduction to a study of the man – lasts 4:13.

Ray Charles videos:

Duke Ellington videos:

Anne Frank:

Anne Frank website – Can explore the building and the secret hiding place

Authorized graphic biography – Includes before and after information.

Official Anne Frank YouTube channel – Videos related to Anne Frank.

Midori videos: