Picturing America – Picturing America was a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) that brought masterpieces of American art into classrooms and libraries nationwide. Resources and information are found here…

Build a Medieval Castle – Put together your own medieval castle.

Drawing Lessons and Crafts for Children K-12: KinderArt – Learn How to Draw – Activities and lessons related to drawing. Easy to follow, and many have minimal supplies required.

France – Art and paintings – Downloadable art (contains over 130,000 works by almost 10,000 artists).

Hanoch Piven – Biography – Hanoch Piven is an artist who creates pictures by using objects, rather than painting, drawing, or another media. His pictures are published in various magazines and publications.

Lascaux Caves – caves with some of the first recorded cave art (in France). You can take a virtual guided tour of the caves.

Make your own Sun Print and Explore an Early Form of Photography – Did you know that you can recreate your own version of a photography predecessor with just construction paper and sunlight? Find out how it’s done in this activity from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Master pieces: Picasso collage – Make a Picasso-style collage with cubist forms.

Medieval Activities – Crafts and activities for a medieval-themed day.

NMAI: Listening to Our Ancestors – Art of native life along the North Pacific Coast. Ceremonial and everyday objects created and used by 11 native communities that have lived in the Pacific Northwest.

Painted Shoes – Paint pictures on old shoes to recreate famous artists’ paintings.

Painting Lessons and Crafts for Children K-12: KinderArt – Learn How to Paint – Activities and lessons related to painting. Easy to follow, and many have minimal supplies required.

Picasso’s Pigs – Create cute pictures of pigs in the style of Pablo Picasso.

Pumpkin Seed Mosaics – Create a mosaic with pumpkin seeds – good with science topic of seeds and plants.

Smithsonian American Art Museum – The nation’s first collection of American art is dedicated to collecting, understanding, and enjoying American art. The Museum celebrates the extraordinary creativity of artists whose works reflect the American experience and global connection.

Watercolour World – Watercolour World is a portal created to serve as a “visual record of a pre-photography planet.” It showcases more than 80,000 paintings of landscapes, seascapes, buildings, animals, plants, ordinary people and historical events.

World of Escher – About the artist M.C. Escher and his work. (starts in the gift shop)