Article: Another Slavery Simulation: We Can and Must Do Better – “A simulation of an auction during a fifth-grade lesson about slavery last week is just the latest illustration of why we need better ways to teach hard history.” (from the website Teaching Tolerance)

Africans in America – The history of slavery in America, including background readings about key people and events, historical documents, a teacher’s guide, a youth activity guide, and more.

Parliament and the British Slave Trade 1600-1807 – Six sections that explore some of the issues around the act that abolished the British slave trade.

Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad – Living history, artifacts, and lesson plans about the Underground Railroad.

Rise and Fall of Jim Crow – Segregation from the end of the Civil War to the start of the Civil Rights Movement. Includes a historical timeline, articles, personal narratives, interactive features, and lesson plans.

Slavery and the Making of America – The history of American Slavery, including background information, primary sources, an interactive timeline, lesson plans, and a virtual museum featuring student projects.

Teaching Hard History: Grades K-5 – “Our youngest students deserve a truthful, age-appropriate account of our past. These resources for elementary educators include a first-of-its-kind framework, along with student texts, teaching tools and professional development for anyone committed to teaching this hard history.” (from Teaching Tolerance). Note: There is a Grades 6-12 curriculum page as well…

Underground Railroad – A virtual tour and interactive information related to the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad – Resources related to the Underground Railroad.

Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery – An interactive journey where the student “flees Kentucky for Canada along the Underground Railroad, a secret network of hiding places and people that helped runaway slaves reach freedom.”

Virtual Field Trip: Underground Railroad – – Go on a virtual field trip of Underground Railroad sites in New Bedford, Massachusetts.