Biography Maker – How to write a biography.

Picture Books to Teach Reading and Writing Skills – A list of picture books that can be used with various reading and writing focuses, including alliteration, elaboration, character, fact and opinion, and more.

ReadWriteThink – Student tools to better understand the reading and writing process.

This Week In Pictures – A weekly set of top photos from the world’s top stories – can be graphic.

Toasted Calendar – Writing prompts for each day of the month.

Learning to Write the Alphabet – For those of you who enjoy history, trivia, legacies, and teaching, here’s a great blog post from a curator at the Folgers Shakespeare Library in D.C.  She shows how techniques for teaching kids to write have not changed much from the early 1600’s to now!  She details (with images!) everything from actual alphabet copy attempts of these long-gone students, to a pneumonic rhyme for handwriting pedagogy, and 17th century illustrations of correct and incorrect grips (that haven’t changed!)  She finishes with the example of instruction given to her 4-year-old daughter as she learns to write, and her daughter’s current copy attempts.